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Our Story / Background

Our story...

…begins in Gokwe, 1980. Our grandparents, having recently relocated to Gokwe from Mufakose, quickly noticed how difficult it was for the community around them to shop for household basics. It was at this point they felt the need to establish a small business to improve the shopping experience for families in their community. The foundation for titambire.com was laid, and “Nyota Store” was established to satiate the thirst the community had for everyday basics. Today, more than 40 years later, Nyota Store still stands in that same place, and continues to be a family business dedicated to the families around it. titambire.com is that very same family business, in a modern world and with that same objective…to help families shop for household items in an easy, convenient, and affordable manner.

Our name...

titambire is a loaded and beautiful philosophy that reflects the African hunhu/ubuntu values that a person is because of others. No man is an island. While at a general level titambire means “we welcome you,” it also means “we receive you.” It’s possible to be received but not welcome. We receive you to be with us, in us and of us. We have space and a place for you. titambire means your arrival brings good and goodness – possibly through gifts, but your making time to visit and your presence are the most important present. In Shona we say a home that doesn’t get visitors is not home (musha usingasvike hweni hausi musha). So titambire dignifies us and makes us complete.

titambire.com Delivering a Million Smiles!